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Workforce Wellbeing Program (WWP)

The workforce Wellbeing Program isn’t just our name, it’s the backbone of all of our support solutions. The Workforce Wellbeing Program (WWP) is an online wellbeing program that helps businesses to look after their staff better by providing the resources and wellbeing metrics that matter for creating a healthy workplace culture.

WWP is included as standard for all Workforce Wellbeing Program-EAP and Workforce Wellbeing Program PLUS members. WWP is also available as a stand alone option.


Higher Quality Production Hours (worth at least twice the average hourly rate, OECD)

Higher Resiliency & Lower Distress (30% of your workforce may have clinical levels of stress at any given time)

Higher Customer Satisfaction & New Business Referrals


Reduced Sick Leave & Absenteeism

Less Injuries & Compensation Claims

Lower Turnover & Improved Retention

Lower Conflict & Customer Complaints

The Keys to Improving Your Workforce Wellbeing

The 4 Simple Tools To Improve Wellbeing

Simple, Fast, Effective.

1. ePulse

The 30 second weekly staff ePulse survey enables a team, and company level snapshots of workforce wellbeing and culture through 5 simple, industry benchmarked questions.

2. eToolbox

eToolboxes covering the four core domains of wellbeing at work (1: Work, 2: Life, 3: Health, & Relationships) arrive in your inbox weekly.

3. eCampus

Logon to the wellbeing eCampus 24/7 to access a range of information and resources to improve health, wellbeing, and leadership in the workplace.

4. Monthly Trend Reports

Trend Reports highlight where your business shines as well as any hot spots in workforce culture, workforce wellbeing, and employee engagement.

What Every Business Needs to Know

Workforce Wellbeing is more important than you may realise.

High Workforce Wellbeing is Money in the Bank

Ignoring Wellbeing Could Cost You Everything

Having a Wellbeing System is Your Responsibility

Benchmark Results

It pays to do the right thing. See how you compare.

Calculate your ROI*

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Average Business UPSIDE per Employee

Savings: $3853

Gains: $2312

Total Benefit: $6165

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction &

Get New Business Referrals

By Taking Responsibility of Your Workforce Wellbeing

We offer real systems and support for your employees and their families that are easy to access, where ever and whenever they need it.

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