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Workforce Wellbeing Program (WWP)

The workforce Wellbeing Program isn’t just our name, it’s the backbone of all of our support


The Workforce Wellbeing Program (WWP) is an online wellbeing program that helps businesses to look after their staff better by providing the resources and wellbeing metrics that matter for creating a healthy workplace culture.

Workforce Wellbeing Program (WWP)

WWP is included as standard for all Workforce Wellbeing Program-EAP and Workforce Wellbeing Program PLUS members. WWP is also available as a stand alone option. 

Employee Assistance Program

The Workforce Wellbeing Program Employee Assistance Program (WWP-EAP) provides all eligible employees and family members access to professional and confidential support services. WWP-EAP can be used to address any issues, work or personal that may be impacting on your health and wellbeing. Services for you and your family members include:

  • Counselling
  • Critical Incident Management

WWP-EAP services are able to be provided face-to-face at our various locations, with telephone counselling, online health support, and followup support also available. WWP-EAP can help with addressing a range of difficulties including:

  • Marital & relationship
  • Work performance
  • Alcohol, drug or gambling
  • Child & family
  • Personal & career
  • Stress & pressure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Conflict at work
  • Trauma & grief

Additional Services

Manager Support & Coaching

Manager Support and Coaching Services include advice and support on organisational issues such as industrial, health and safety and worker’s compensation issues; complex individual and team behaviours, and organisational and political risks. Mediation and conflict management are also services provided under our Manager Support Service. Our specialist executive consultants can also provide mentoring to senior managers in leadership and organisational performance and change.

Workplace Wellbeing Safety Programs

Organisational and individual health issues can be prevented through group or online training programs. These wellbeing programs focus on building resilience. Some example programs include stress management, mental health first aid, working with difficult clients, executive communication and team development.

Early Intervention – Individual & Team Support

Workforce Wellbeing Program Early Intervention service are designed to ensure that professionals, senior managers and executives effectively manage stakeholders in psychological illness or workplace injuries. Managers will receive advice, support, training and guidance to manage or work with specific Early Intervention issues. 

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