Your Businesses’ biggest blind spot

Why Wellbeing Matters

High Workforce Wellbeing is Money in the Bank


Higher Quality Production Hours (worth at least twice the average hourly rate, OECD)

Higher Resiliency & Lower Distress (30% of your workforce may have clinical levels of stress at any given time)

Higher Customer Satisfaction & New Business Referrals


Reduced Sick Leave & Absenteeism

Less Injuries & Compensation Claims

Lower Turnover & Improved Retention

Lower Conflict & Customer Complaints

Ignoring Wellbeing Could Cost You Everything

Here are some facts


The Average Cost For a Stress Claim in Australia is Over $100,000 Which is More Than Double for a Physical Injury Claim.


Typical cost of recruitment & training is $30K plus per employee (3-6 months salary plus recruitment fee of 15% of contract value).


Low productivity drives away key customers – Value of Key Customer – usually worth 10-15% of total business revenue.

Having a Wellbeing System is your Responsibility

As an employer you’re responsible for providing a safe workplace, this is why regular WHS audits are conducted. However, simply identifying hazards isn’t enough, you need to show that you are proactively addressing hazards to make the workplace safer BEFORE an incident occurs.

This goes beyond the WHS physical risks, Just because you may not be able to see psychological risks doesn’t mean that they aren’t there or can be ignored.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction &

Get New Business Referrals

By Taking Responsibility of Your Workforce Wellbeing

We offer real systems and support for your employees and their families that are easy to access, where ever and whenever they need it.

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